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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome, and I’m so glad you’re here! Thank you for joining me on this journey through life. My name is Kristie Rodriguez. My husband and I are raising our 2 adventurous explorers while living abroad in beautiful Germany. I was originally an Ohio native turned Floridian until our family embraced a new and exciting chapter here in Europe.

When I am not online blogging, traveling, or excitedly taking a surplus of amateur photos, you will find me building Legos with my 5-year-old son or sewing or crafting with my 10-year-old daughter. Being a mom is my absolute favorite thing to do!

You can also find me reading a good book, listening to all types of music, and being outdoors. I am a lover of sunrises and sunsets, a good hike, being on the water, and traveling with my dear husband and kiddos.

Before embracing the world of blogging, my journey led me to the classrooms as an elementary teacher, a personal tutor, and even a chapter as a homeschool mom. My deep-rooted passion lies in early childhood education. There’s magic in witnessing a child’s raw imagination, their untamed curiosity, and their sheer delight in the world around them.

Here, in my little online corner, you’ll find a mix of family chronicles, reflections on education, and of course, the vibrant experiences of living and traveling in Germany and abroad. It’s my aspiration that my writings not only entertain but also provide genuine insights, resonate with your experiences, and prove to be beneficial.

Now, there are countless adventures to take, Iet’s inspire, share, and embrace the journey together.

Shall we? Let’s go! -Kristie xo

Kristie Rodriguez standing on the bridge in front of the Belem tower in Lisbon Portugal
Belem Tower, Portugal

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