6 Reasons to Visit the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival


Don’t Miss the Annual Pumpkin Festival (Kürbisausstellung) in Ludwigsburg, Germany What better way to celebrate fall than to visit the world’s largest pumpkin festival in southwestern Germany? Blooming Baroque (Blühenden Barock), the gardens surrounding Ludwigsburg Residential Palace, is home to this annual event with over 600 varieties and over 450,000 pumpkins on display for all…

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Visiting Stuttgart’s Birkenkopf Memorial (Rubble Hill)


A Guide to the Birkenkopf (Rubble Hill) in Stuttgart The Birkenkopf in Stuttgart, Germany is part of an artificial hill built from the ruins and rubble from World War II. Alongside the stunning views, comes a very solemn remembrance of what was. During the war, over 50 Allied bombing missions destroyed 45% of Stuttgart and…

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Why the Fairy Tale Garden in Ludwigsburg is a Must-See

Be sure to visit this magical Fairy Tale Garden in Ludwigsburg, Germany Wow. I’m not sure what else Europe holds in store for us, but we had a great first weekend visiting the Fairy Tale Garden on the grounds of Ludwigsburg Palace. If you are unfamiliar, Ludwigsburg Residential Palace is one of Germany’s largest Baroque…

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Celebrate Advent with These Simple Ideas


Part 1: Your Kids Will Love These Simple Ideas to Celebrate Advent It’s that time of year again! Celebrate the Advent season with these easy, yet creative ideas. As your kiddos excitedly await Christmas morning, they will love having new surprises to open each day. Perhaps you are looking for something different than those traditional…

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40 Fun and Simple Advent Activities for Kids

Advent-Germany-Stuttgart-Lebkuchen- Activities

Part 2: 40 Advent Activities That Your Children Will Love Are you looking for some new ways for your family to observe Advent this holiday season? If so, you are in the right place. I have 40 fun and simple Advent activities that your family will enjoy. First off, Advent is such a wonderful time…

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40 Popular Fillers For Your Advent Calendar


Part 3: Your Children Will Love These Advent Calendar Fillers The Christmas season is here! Now that you have your Advent calendar and some activities planned, your countdown will be complete with these Advent calendar fillers. Let’s finish up. Many of these popular fillers can be found at dollar stores or the Target dollar bins.…

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Tips for Remote Learning During COVID-19

Remote-Learning-COVID-19-Homeschooling- Socialize -Homeschool

Easing the Transition to Remote Learning During COVID-19 As a former educator and homeschool mom, I have some pointers to share with you to help ease this transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt, COVID-19 has turned life upside down for you and for the majority of the population. We are forced…

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Take a Visit to Germany’s Bad Urach Waterfall


Bad Urach: Hiking, Waterfalls, & Mountain Views When we moved to the Stuttgart area about a year ago, one of the most commonly recommended places for us to visit nearby was Bad Urach, Germany. It took us over a year, but we finally set aside a day to hike and see the waterfall in Bad…

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Spend the Day at Lake Constance (Bodensee)


Switzerland’s View of Lake Constance (Bodensee) One early Saturday morning, my husband and I decided to jump in the car and drive to Lake Constance. Coming from South Florida, and having lived in Germany for over a year, our hearts were yearning for the sea. Our only goal in mind was to find the water.…

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The Blautopf in Blaubeuren: A Visitor’s Guide


Spend the Day at the Blautopf in Blaubeuren Visit the small, picturesque town of Blaubeuren to see the pretty blue waters of the Blautopf. The Blautopf is a 65-foot deep natural spring connected to an underground cave system. Let’s take a look at what to expect when visiting the Blautopf in the charming town of…

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Höhenpark Killesberg: 6 Reasons to Visit

Killesberg- Tower- Höhenpark-Stuttgart

Take a Trip to Stuttgart’s Höhenpark Killesberg Are you looking for the perfect place to spend the day outside? Stuttgart has an exceptional place for you at Höhenpark Killesberg. Here you will find an abundance of activities for all ages with a lovely backdrop of lush flowerbeds, trees, and beautiful views. The ideal mix of…

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Meet Kristie: Who Am I?


Welcome to My Blog! I am thrilled that you are here. Thank you for joining me on this journey through life. My name is Kristie Rodriguez. My husband and I are raising 2 little ones while living abroad in beautiful Germany. I am originally an Ohio native turned Floridian, until our recent and exciting move…

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