Höhenpark Killesberg: 6 Reasons to Visit

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Take a Trip to Stuttgart’s Höhenpark Killesberg

Are you looking for the perfect spot to spend the day outside? Stuttgart has an exceptional place for you at Höhenpark Killesberg. Here you will find an abundance of activities for all ages with a lovely backdrop of lush flowerbeds, trees, and beautiful views. The ideal mix of serenity and amusement.

6 Reasons to Visit Höhenpark Killesberg in Stuttgart

On a warm July day, our family of four took a train to Höhenpark Killesberg. We came equipped with a stroller for my 2-year-old and his cherished balance bike. Meanwhile, my 7-year-old chose to walk, leaving her scooter behind. Our first visit to this park was delightful in numerous ways. Let me walk you through some of our standout moments, so you can plan a memorable experience for your family.

Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why Höhenpark Killesberg is a popular place to visit.

1. The Beautiful Gardens

As soon as we arrived at Höhenpark Killesberg, we saw the picturesque views of the beautiful flower beds and the abundance of pretty trees, and ponds among lush open fields. Nestled within the heart of urban Stuttgart, Germany, this stunning 124-acre space offers a delightful contrast. I learned that the flower beds receive meticulous care year-round, ensuring a vibrant display in every season. It truly is a lovely park to stroll through and the flowerbeds and garden areas will not disappoint.

2. The Killesberg Tower

The highlight of our visit was climbing the Killesberg Tower, which sits at about 40 meters high. The 4 of us climbed 174 steps to ascend to the top where we enjoyed breathtaking panoramic views of the Stuttgart region. Be warned that the tower sways slightly and that it was purposely designed this way by engineer Jörg Schlaich. It has received multiple awards for its ingenuity. I felt the slight swinging motion the most towards the top of the platform, although I should note that we visited on a slightly windy day. Our entire family loved the climb, the gentle sway, and the memorable views. Be sure to stop by the tower on your visit. It is free of charge, but small donations are encouraged.

3. The Delcious Höhencafe

As lunchtime was approaching, we decided to try the restaurant inside the park, called Höhencafe. The host was very kind and immediately sat us at a table in the shade with a pretty view. The service was fast, which is always a plus with little ones in tow. Above all, they offered a nice selection of food on the menu. Everything we ordered was delicious.

My husband and I ordered fried fish served with homemade potato salad and freshly made tartar sauce. Plus a yummy side salad. We both were very impressed with our meals. My daughter and son shared an adult portion of Schnitzel and french fries. Let’s just say that they did not leave anything on their plates. I highly recommend stopping by the Höhencafe to enjoy the lovely view and a convenient and tasty meal.

4. Take a Ride on the Killesbergbahn

The park offers a really neat experience by taking a ride on the Killesbergbahn. Unfortunately, it was not open during our visit, but I know that my kids would have loved taking a ride to see the park by train. The train travels about 1.5 miles in 12 minutes, as you sit back and experience the beauty and the diversity of the park. The Killesbergbahn has some of the oldest cable cars of their kind in Germany and they use both steam and diesel locomotives.

The Killesbergbahn opens during springtime and runs through the fall. Be sure to check the website for the most up-to-date running times and admission prices. Most of all, have fun! We can’t wait to journey through the park on the Killesbergbahn on our next visit.

5. Eliszi’s Fun Fair

The charm of the breezeway with Eliszi’s Fun Fair is indescribable. As you walk by, you’re greeted by the aroma of freshly popped popcorn and waffles, while the vintage carousel serenades you with Frank Sinatra tunes amidst antique rides. As you wander through the area, several beautifully restored historical circus wagons can be seen plus a restored tractor, a fair organ, and a small theater tent for performances. It’s like stepping into another era.

My daughter joyfully hopped onto the carousel, and we indulged in some delightful treats. From waffles and popcorn to Flammkuchen and ice cream, the Waffelbäckerei menu has it all. Our visit to Eliszi’s Fun Fair was undeniably memorable for the entire family.

6. Fun For All Ages at Höhenpark Killesberg

After spending half a day at Höhenpark Killesberg, we decided it would be best to take my son back home for his afternoon nap. Although we still had so much left to see and experience.

For starters, we hadn’t even made it to the open fields with ponies, donkeys, mini-pigs, alpacas, sheep, and goats. I had also heard that there were flamingoes to see. Plus, the park has a large 3,000-square-meter playground and even a children’s theater that performs puppet shows.

We had left so much unexplored, including seeing the park’s 25 metal sculptures created by local and well-known artists. Not to mention, all of the unseen ponds, lake terraces, gardens, and diverse flora throughout the park. Killesberg Höhenpark even has a swimming pool on-site, and an open-air stage for concerts and festivals throughout the year. The list just goes on and on. Needless to say, we are looking forward to our next visit.

Don’t Wait. Plan Your Visit to Killesberg.

Killesberg is an amazing place to spend the day. With a diverse set of options to choose from, it truly has something for everyone young and old. Whether you are looking for exciting activities, a quiet stroll through a park, or a picnic afternoon on the grass while the kids play soccer, Killesberg has a beautiful setting you will be sure to enjoy with your loved ones.

Will this be your first visit or do you already have a favorite spot at Killesberg Höhenpark?

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