Meet Kristie: Who Am I?

Join me, Kristie Rodriguez, as I navigate life in scenic Germany, raising two spirited kids and indulging in adventures that fuel our wanderlust! From Ohio to Florida, and now Europe, my family’s journey is packed with tales of travel, parenting, and embracing change. Follow me into my stories of motherhood, my passion for early childhood education, and my love for the world’s beauty. Ready for an inspiring ride? Let’s embark on this journey together! #LivingAbroad #FamilyAdventures #GermanyDiaries #MomLife #KristieRodriguez

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Kristie Rodriguez: 5 Random Facts

A croissant and a cappuccino at a cafe in Lake Como, Italy

Dive into the world behind the blogger! From a festive decorating passion (Christmas being the favorite) to a unique germophobic childhood memory and a love affair with office supplies, I’ve got plenty of quirks! Remember when I despised coffee? Starbucks changed the game. Also, catch me jamming to The Dave Matthews Band, with almost 60 live shows under my belt! Discover these snippets that paint my life’s canvas. #BloggerLife #DaveMatthewsBand #CoffeeJourney #DMBfan #HolidayDecorObsession

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Oktoberfest 2024: 10 Things to Know About Germany’s Largest Festival


Heading to Oktoberfest in Munich? Embrace Bavarian culture by donning traditional attire like lederhosen and dirndls. Enjoy free admission, but remember to pack light and carry euros—cash is preferred. Parents, take note of stroller restrictions. Ride the giant Ferris wheel, savor iconic treats like soft pretzels and käsespätzle, and immerse yourself in the tent culture, where beer flows and tunes play. Learn the history behind this 200-year-old festival and toast with locals using “prost!”. #OktoberfestTips #MunichFestival #BavarianCulture #TravelGermany #BeerFestival

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Visiting Stuttgart’s Birkenkopf (Rubble Hill)


Discover the Birkenkopf in Stuttgart, a hill constructed from WWII ruins. As a poignant reminder of Stuttgart’s destruction, this site saw the city rebuild from its rubble, raising the hill by 40 meters. Today, it’s the highest inner-city point, offering breathtaking views. Among the ruins, a cross and plaque pay tribute to wartime victims. Visit this historic, no-fee spot with stroller-friendly paths. Reflect on the past and appreciate present-day Stuttgart. #StuttgartTravel #BirkenkopfMemorial #HistoricViews #WWIIRemembrance #GermanyJourney

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Tips for a Family-Friendly Getaway to Paris

The louvre pyramid in Paris

Plan a family trip to Paris with relaxed spontaneity and practical tips. Ditch rigid itineraries and embrace the city’s charm. Stay near attractions, safeguard valuables from pickpockets, and prioritize simplicity when dining out. Opt for local bakeries, picnics, and street kiosks for meals. Explore iconic spots like the Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Élysées, Eiffel Tower, and The Louvre on foot. Prepare for rain with appropriate gear. Embrace Parisian adventures, ensuring memorable experiences for the whole family.
#ParisFamilyTrip #TravelTips #ParisAdventures #FamilyTravel #ParisSights

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Top 10 Things to Know When Moving to Germany

If you’re transitioning to life in Germany, there are some vital tips to ensure a smooth adjustment. First and foremost, Germany is meticulous about trash and recycling, so get acquainted with their strict guidelines. Embrace the peaceful Sundays; most shops shut their doors, allowing for genuine relaxation. In your new home, you might find the luxury of heated towel racks, and the practicality of rolladens – exterior window shutters for optimal temperature control. Fresh groceries become a daily routine. Dining out? German restaurants operate differently; be patient and always have cash ready. In fact, Germany predominantly operates on a cash economy, so it’s wise to have euros on hand. Embracing these nuances will help you feel right at home in Germany!

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Why Homeschooling is a Great Way to Socialize

Remote-Learning-COVID-19-Homeschooling- Socialize -Homeschool

Homeschooling can indeed foster strong social skills in children. Historically, people socialized long before formal schooling existed. With increasing resources for homeschool communities, children have ample opportunities, from local co-ops to online classes. Homeschooling allows for real-world, age-diverse interactions, resembling true societal dynamics. Traditional school often restricts autonomy, focusing on compliance. In contrast, homeschooling offers varied learning experiences. Witnessing my daughter’s growth, I can affirm homeschooling’s benefits. Don’t let socialization fears deter you; explore local homeschooling opportunities and witness the potential.
#Homeschooling #Socialization #EducationFreedom #LearningBeyondWalls #CommunityBuilding

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Visit the Treetop Walk in Germany’s Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

tree top walk in the black forest of germany

Discover the charm of Germany’s Black Forest, or Schwarzwald, with its iconic cuckoo clocks and delectable treats. Start your day with a family-friendly Treetop Walk at Sommerberg, offering captivating canopy views and an educational journey. Marvel at the panoramic vistas from the 130-foot observation tower and descend via a thrilling tunnel slide. Don’t miss the famed Grünhütte restaurant; a hike away, where mouthwatering blueberry pancakes await. This magical forest promises an unforgettable experience. #BlackForestAdventure #TreetopViews #GermanDelicacies #NatureMeetsCulture #SchwarzwaldMagic

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Discovering Ludwigsburg: Why the Fairy Tale Garden is a Must-See

ludwigsburg residential palace and gardens in ludwigburge germany

Experience the enchantment of Ludwigsburg’s Fairy Tale Garden, nestled within one of Germany’s grandest Baroque palaces. Wander among vibrant blooms and over 40 immersive fairy tale scenes, from Rapunzel’s tower to Hansel and Gretel. Fun awaits with boat rides, a delightful train, and interactive displays. Families can relish playgrounds, hay play zones, and seasonal displays. Ensure a smooth visit by checking online details and considering a carrier for little ones. #LudwigsburgMagic #FairytaleWonders #BaroqueBeauty #GermanyAdventures #FamilyTravelTreasures

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